Friday, June 28, 2013

Endings and Beginnings

Today was my last day working in childcare for (hopefully) forever! I have worked with kids for the past 3 years and although its been a wonderful experience, it is past time for me to find something new. For the past year I've been with infants and I am absolutely going to miss my little babies and really all the other kids in the center.

Some of the toddlers were dying to take pictures on my phone today and I am so glad I will have the photo memories forever! These kids were in my baby room when they were little :)


Aren't they the cutest! I will definitely be back to visit my sweetie pies on occasion! My coworkers have been so sweet since finding out about my new job. They all ordered pizza and got a cookie cake today to celebrate! I also got a beautiful orchid from a parent and a bouquet of flowers from my dad! I feel so loved and so grateful for the opportunity to have spent 3 years taking care of kids. 

I can't wait to begin this new adventure working in a call center. It is going to be completely different, but I think it will help me propel myself into a job that I can call a career. I have never been more excited and more ready to get through the weekend!

Happy Blogging beauties!!!

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