Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Becoming Healthy

Well if you checked out my twitter yesterday you know that I started day 1 of working out and starting to eat healthier. With this new job sitting down the whole day, I know that being active and healthy is something I really need to start focusing on. It is so hard to make healthy decision when there are SO many unhealthy options out there. For instance at work there are vending machines at every corner, free popcorn, and free tea and coffee throughout the day. While all these things are amazing, they can be very unhealthy when consumed on a daily basis.

Anywho I spent tonight on Pinterest finding easy, healthy foods that we can start adding to our diet. This post on Six Sisters Stuff blog has 100 healthy food ideas.

There are so many great recipes in this list and there are quite a few that I want to try at home. I'm also working on finding snack foods that are healthy alternatives to vending machine snacks. I know if I take some things with me then I will be less tempted to head to the snack machine. Some snacks that I've decided to start with include:

  • dark chocolate/berry trail mix
  • greek yogurt 
  • carrots and ranch 
  • sweet potato chips
Hopefully these snack options will keep me away from the unhealthy snacks! 

The other eating choice I'm trying to change is drinking only WATER. Now to be honest, I love soda. Like more than anything else so this is going to take some time to completely transition, but I know if I put my mind to it I can do it. 

Along with being active in someway everyday, I'm hoping these changes can help me lead a more healthy lifestyle. I suck at committing to change something about myself, so this is definitely a challenge. I'm hoping to use Beth's tactic of making mini goals to reach a bigger goal and also using "non-scale" victories to motivate myself. 

I'm so excited to start this new journey and hopefully create a better lifestyle for Greg and I. I'm ready to feel and look better than I ever have before :)

Happy Blogging :)

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Kalyn Randolph said...

Ah! I am in the process of doing this same thing. I have got to start exercising daily, instead of hit and miss days. I also need to really start focusing on what I eat instead of snacking all day :)