Wednesday, July 17, 2013

wednesday weigh-in #1

Today I'm starting a brand new weekly series documenting my weight loss and my weekly goals and accomplishments. I'm so incredibly excited to be on this journey, even though it's been so difficult to get started. I figured having written goals and being able to see these goals and my accomplishments weekly will help motivate to keep going.

For starters, this is how I feel when I step on the scale...

Seriously, weighing in is no fun when you don't like the number you see. I know that "numbers" aren't everything, but they are a big indicator of progress throughout any attempt to lose weight. My current "number" is 180. I want to potentially reach a goal weight of 130 within 1 year. According to many ideal weights for my age and height I should weigh between 100 and 120. I definitely do not want to be stick thin, so I'm reaching for a slightly higher goal weight. This is going to be my "starting" photo (excuse the bad quality of this picture) and hopefully my "goal" photo will show a completely revamped and confident body!

One of the biggest things that I've started this week to jump start my journey is drinking lots and lots of water. I've taken my camelbak to work everyday and filled it up a few times while at work. Needless to say, I've had to use the bathroom every 2.5 seconds, but I think it is definitely making a difference and helping me feel better and healthier.

Some improvements that I plan on making this week include:

  • laying off the chocolate 
  • taking a walk/run around our neighborhood at least 3 times this week
  • and completely laying off the sodas (I've still been having at least 1 a day)
The plan is to focus on weekly goals which will make it easier to wrap my head around than huge numbers. So for this week, I'm hoping to lose 2 pounds. I know this is a small goal, but I know if I start small then I'll be more likely to reach those goals and stay motivated to do more!

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