Tuesday, July 16, 2013

5 Things I've Learned from Having Pets

Last week we welcomed a new member into the Anthony family. I'm pleased to introduce Abby Snow Anthony to the world! She is a sweet, fun-loving kitty who has completely stolen my heart. I mean doesn't that face just make you melt. 

 Abby has been a big ball full of joy and excitement over the past few days and has also helped us realize many things about having pets in our family. This is my first cat so it has definitely been a learning experience. From the likes of it, I'm thinking pets might help hold over the "baby-fever" for us for a good while and here's why:

1. Cats don't have to be potty trained. Since day one Abby has used her litter box every day and is only 7 weeks old. I've been pretty impressed with her. On the other hand, our 3 year old dog still can't figure out why we take her out everyday. She still wants to use the potty inside instead. She is driving.me.nuts. I feel like we've tried everything with her, but of course we will keep trying because we love her so much.

2. Cats are amused by the simplest of things. We haven't bought Abby a single toy yet and somehow she manages to find all kind of things to play with. A soda can box, her collar with a bell (that's entirely too big for her little body), Greg's video game cords, and our printer. Yes our printer. She has found a way to hide in the back of it to get away from her pestering sister Daisy.

3. Dogs like to take care of babies. No I would never leave a newborn "human" child with our dog, although it probably would be hilarious. Daisy loves Abby, like I would have never believed before hand. She has taken her under her wing and plays with her, licks bathes her, and tries to find her when she is hiding. They are the most adorable two things ever. I think the new kitty has eased Daisy's "baby-fever" too!

4. Cats are clean. Abby is so clean, she cleans herself up after pottying, she doesn't make messes in the house, and she keeps her food in her bowl. Okay, I'll admit this one is kind of silly and a stretch, but it's so true, especially compared to a baby or small child, or any human for that matter. Abby is allowed to roam the house freely at night and she doesn't mess with anything. Everything stays in place and untouched. Daisy on the other hand, would shred through our bedroom door just to get to us if we didn't let her sleep in our bed. Don't get me wrong, we love Daisy to pieces, but she is a high-maintenance little diva.

5. Kitties love to cuddle. If I didn't need to make money, (like that would ever be the case, ha!) I would stay at home and cuddle with Abby all day long. She will get in my lap and cuddle her little heart out and then cuddle some more. She loves to perch on our shoulders and just snuggle up in a little ball. *Swoon* I just love kittens!

And there you have it, how animals are so much easier and more manageable then babies. Or at least this is my attempt to find excuses to curb this baby fever…. let's see if it works!

Until next time, Happy Blogging!